Got wonderful postcrossing mail today

Hello in english today,

Today I got wonderful postcrossing mail.
It was my mothers birthday today and I got the mail ...he he he.

From the poscrossing meeting in Soltau?! 'Heidemeeting' I got this wonderful card from Andrea (andrea209) the card shows a flower she found in her garden, and she did think immediatly of me as I love hearts ... isn't that lovely? 
Thank you so very much for the beautiful card and thank you to everybody who signed on the back!

And than I got a wonderful envelope from France. This one was from Lhise.
I did send her an offical card and a selfmade card about two weeks ago. Today she did send me this lovely envelope. It already looks nice from the outside with all the wonderful stamps. Inside was a note and a little bag with this wonderful selfmade heart ... yeees another heart for me ;)
Thank you sooo much for this wonderful surprise!

Anyway I got another envelope from GB ... but this was postcrossing matter ... it were my stamps I ordered from Lily of the Valley! Not picture of this ones ;)